Saturday, October 13, 2018

The One Million Dollar Round.

   Guard Grabber Is The New World We Live In. 



By Josephine Pulver Vice President, Co Founder At Guard Grabber Technologies Inc.


Conventional Wisdom To Funding Says Silicon Valley Is Where To Start.


Before you begin your Venture Capital journey to grow your business. There are a few things you may want to know.


Funding Takes Time. 

One of the most important accomplishments to any fund raising campaign is to create a robust online presence. Any marketing campaign takes time before results are seen and gaining customers long before your fund raising starts demonstrates you have traction. A very important part of the equation for any VC is that your company has the potential to greatly expand. If your company is making money in one city it is safe to say it will make money in others cities.


Raising  Is A Ongoing Process.

Requiring new capital will continue for your rapid expansion into new markets and caution must be applied when your burn rate is outstripping the runway. Simply put spending more money than what is coming in is unsustainable. There are plenty of company's big and small that have been sidelined by this approach. It is important to remember that VC money is not your money and should not be spent without a return on investment as the priority. This will keep you from becoming sidelined and will certainly make it easier for you to raise more money when you move from your initial seed raise to your series A funding.


Venture Capital Is Not for Everyone.

You are going to give up some part of your company and that can make you feel good or not so good. All VC investors are looking for the big payoff through your exit. So they are placing their bets that you will knowingly give up control through an acquisition. This makes it important for you to plan your end game exit before you begin excepting their money. Knowing the life cycle of your company will help you make the right decisions.


Following The Meeting.

Now that your pitch deck has been received well and your meeting has been concluded. The obvious is to send a thank you email with a business plan showing why the tech you have built is truly unique. Seeing that VC funding is your goal with joy you receive notification of contract and subsequent spreadsheets are agreed upon. Creating documents allowing for the first funds to be transferred and deposited into your company bank account.


The One Million Dollar Round.

Guard Grabber Technologies Inc. was licensed to do business in the State of California on July 3, 2018. The Guard Grabber app launched live at TechCrunch in San Francisco on Sep 6, 2018. Guard Grabber is now closing in on one thousand service providers throughout the State of California and will expand Nationwide in 2019. With an update including other categories Legal and Home. Photo by TechCrunch at Moscone Center, San Francisco, CA. 94102


Meet The Team In The Photo.

Vice President Co-Founder Josephine Pulver with President-Founder Eugene Pulver and Cheif Executive Officer David Pulver. Your welcome to visit us at

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