Tuesday, February 14, 2017

How One Teen Disrupted A $255 Billion Industry.  


Insiders are calling the system one of the largest growth opportunities in the history of security.

Guard Grabber is the security app at the forefront of innovation throughout the personal and corporate security industry. It is a new system for hiring and delivering security personnel that is transforming the way booking is done. Using real-time G.P.S. to support the tracking of your security personnel as they travel to your requested location, Guard Grabber is the newest on-demand platform that puts you in full control of all your security services. It’s simple, smart, and easy to utilize the five protective services from just about any location.
 Now you can be sure that your booking request goes directly to the appropriate security agent in real time for the fastest response. Guard Grabber focuses on loss prevention of personal and corporate assets and process servers to reclaim and protect your interests should there be a need for any legal documents served in a hurry. Additionally, potential disasters, man-made or natural, will be less of a worry knowing that on-demand security guards are near when you can’t be there. They are the eyes and ears that can be sent to protect all your assets at a moments notice.
Guard Grabber has designed a new system to innovate pay equality on a global scale by allowing the security service personnel to input their own hourly pay rate. They know what the pay rate should be in the city where they live. It is a pay scale that is self-regulating, and by applying competition, the customer is rewarded the cost savings. 
Guard Grabber has created a fast link to put personal bodyguards to work for you, protecting you, your business, and the people within your organization. Book security personnel to protect your property or business while your away. You may need a private investigator’s help to record the facts and relieve you of any concerns if things don't feel quite right because you deserve to know the truth. Now there's no need to wait days for security personnel to arrive at your event, only to find out that your security service is a no-show. 
Guard Grabber gives you app-tap protection at your fingertips without the need for phone calls or long waits. With the five star rating system in place to retain credibility, you can quickly price quote and review all the credentials of available security personnel that are just minutes away. Download the free Guard Grabber app and experience it for yourself.
By Eugene Pulver, Founder - February 13, 2017